I am a Software Developer with experience of building applications in the Telecommunications, Electricity Utilities and E-commerce industries. I currently work in the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector.

I started my career writing embedded software in C for Optical Fibre based products that form the backbone of the Internet and telephone system. From there I stayed in Telecomms but moved to a startup company that built a Mesh Network system for use in sparsely populated areas where I created several applications in Java to configure and monitor the system

My career then moved into web development and freelance contracting where I helped several clients create a presence on the web. I used many types of technology including C#, HTML, Javascript and PHP for these projects.

I spent more than a year on a contract with GE Energy maintaining their ENMAC electricity network management software. During this time I worked on the Trouble Call System (TCS) which monitors outages around the network. On this project, I provided 2nd and 3rd Line support of the product working with such customers as Scottish Power and Country Energy in Australia.